Wire Decking

Quality Wire Mesh Decking in Salt Lake City, UT

Certified Handling Systems has partnered with ITC Manufacturing as a premier distributor of wire mesh and steel products for multiple industries, including the material handling industry, Certified Handling Systems is committed to delivering high value to its clients on a continuous basis. Top quality materials, extensive testing procedures and through our Manufacturers, fully automated production enable us to consistently provide superior products and customer service. From extreme capacity requirements to unique designs, the Certified Handling Systems Team is poised to meet your needs. Quick Ship in the most common sizes are also available.

Most Common Size: 42 X 46 (usually 800 pieces in stock)
We have a large Supply of Wire Decking in stock for the following sizes:
Other Sizes: 22 X 46
24 X 25 1/2
36 X 36 (Rivetier)
42 X 38
42 X 40
42 X 46 Flat Flange
42 X 46 (No Waterfall)
42 X 47
42 X 52
42 X 58
44 X 46
48 X 24 (Rivetier)
48 X 28
48 X 46
48 X 52
30 X 69 (Rivetier)

Please email us @ info@certifiedhandling.com or place a comment down below to place an order. Thanks!