Pallet Racking

Heavy Duty Pallet Rack Installation Services

Certified Handling Systems has Partnered with Hannibal Industries to Provide quality Structural and Roll-Formed Pallet Racking. This quality product ad-hears to all the regulations for permits and is structurally sound to give you confidence your Rack will stay strong for all the necessary uses.

Here at Certified Handling Systems, we have all the heavy duty pallet racks, industrial pallet racks, and warehouse pallet racks you need to optimize your storage situation. Not sure which rack will work best for you? Don’t worry about it; we can help! Our services include an assessment of each client’s storage needs, including product type, quantity, weight, size, etc. Our professionals will help you determine which product will best hold your items, and we’ll take any other issues into consideration as well.

Certified Handling Systems is a flexible, professional, and quality pallet rack manufacturer with over 40 years of experience. If you’re looking for industrial pallet racks, warehouse pallet racks, or heavy duty pallet racks, but can’t find the right sizes, then come to us! We have the products and installation services to get the job taken care of because we offer project design services to help you maximize the space and efficiency of your building.

All of our products are Hannibal brand pallet racks! That means that we offer quality storage systems that you can expect to stand the test of time. When it comes to finding an affordable, reliable, and efficient storage system for your property, Certified Handling Systems is your one-stop resource. Call us today to schedule a free estimate. We’ll help you find an affordable solution to fit your needs—and your items!

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We have a large Supply of Pallet Racking in stock for the following sizes, other sizes we can order in:
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We can also provide Push back Systems and Carton Flow systems within the Rack.

18 X 96 Green 14 Ga
36 X 84 Green 14 Ga
42 X 96 Green 14 Ga
42 X 240 Blue 12 Ga
42 X 192 Green 13 Ga
42 X 216 Green 13 Ga
36 X 120 Green 14 Ga
36 X 144 Green 14 Ga
42 X 120 Green 14 Ga
42 X 144 Green 14 Ga
42 X 168 Green 14 Ga
42 X 192 Green 14 Ga
42 X 96 Green 14 Ga
48 X 96 Green 14 Ga

Step Beams:
96 X 2.5 Orange
96 X 3 Grey
96 X 4 1/8 Orange
120 X 4 1/2 Orange
96 X 4 1/2 4 pin Yellow
108 X 4 1/2 X 1 5/8 3 Pin
120 X 4 1/2 X 1 5/8 3 Pin
96 X 5 X 1 5/8 Orange
144 X 5 5/8 3 Pin Orange
144 X 6 x 1 5/8 3 Pin Orange
96 X 96 3 3/8 3 Pin Orange

Row Spacers
Row end Protectors
Cantilever Uprights and Arms

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