Previous Jobs

Project: LDS Church Bishops Storehouse – 450,000 sq. ft.
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
This facility is designed to store supplies for disasters, to withstand the earthquake of 500 years and still be able to function after the earthquake. The Racking meets the most stringent Seismic Requirements, having to provide complete seismic analysis including computer simulations. Certified is proud to have been awarded the project, providing and installing in an 8 to 10 week period over 100 truckloads Push Back Racking and other equipment.

Project: Utah Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control – 150,000 sq. ft.
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Certified completed a complete upgrade to their existing facility, disassembling removing and reinstalling new Pallet Racking rotating it 90 degrees in 4 phase completing the work over the weekend as to not disrupt the distribution process. Certified also provided and installed a Rack supported and a free standing Mezzanine along with an automated palletizer to feed their ASRS.

Projects: Larry H. Miller Dealerships- All Parts departments
Certified Has been working with the Larry Miller Group on a wide variety of projects for the last 20 years, providing Shelving, Racking, Mezzanines and Material Lifts to the majority of all their facilities, including moving of many of their dealerships while keeping in business without a hitch.

Project: Bob Barker Company- 50,000 sq. ft.
Location: Ogden, Utah
Bob Barker Company was looking for another supplier to complete the second phase of their facility. We happily provided our services in a competitive bid situation; we completed Seismic Calculations, Building Permit, Supplied the Materials and Installation ahead of Schedule and under budget to the delight of the local and corporate officers.

Project: Associated Food Stores – 1.2 million sq. ft.
Location: Farr West, Utah
Associated Foods Farr West facility is the largest Food Distribution facility in the U.S. providing wholesale groceries and general merchandise to more than 1,400 stores. Certified re-worked and upgraded a Four Tier Pick Module. Installing 1,200 Bays of 16′ deep Carton Flow Lanes, Installing sort to zone induction and re-working existing Kris Plant Tilt Tray Sorter. Certified personnel acted as equipment consultant through the facility still actively involved in specific area upgrades.

Project: Stampin’ Up – 150,000 sq. ft.
Location: West Valley City, Utah
Description: Distributor of decorative stamps experiencing exponential growth. Set up facility on one, three, and five year plans, based upon projected growth. Certified provided two each 300 ft. Carton Flow Pick Modules (pick and pass operation) with the capability of going to three tiers, conveyor through special processing, weight verification, packaging and shipping. Perimeter pallet racking, integrated with warehouse management system. Reduced inventory levels 80% and order fulfillment from 5 days to 5 hours or less.

Project: Von Holtzbrinck Publishing Services (VHPS) – 450,000 sq. ft.
Location: Charlottesville, Virginia
Description: A major book distribution service company. Designed and installed a three level 400′ pick module utilizing pallet flow, carton flow, and static bins utilizing a Rapistan Pick to light system. 25,000 line items are zone picked and delivered via conveyor to the sortation system. The pick module is surrounded by a 30′ high VNA racking system with more than 40,000 pallet positions.

Project: Von Holtzbrinck Publishing Services (VHPS) -250,000 sq. ft.
A unique returns processing required a facility area utilizing WMS for sortation into static bins, carton flow and pallet racking. WMS tracks and accumulates like titles, allowing for automation and consolidation for the return of consigned inventories.

Project: Lockheed Aerospace-Restricted Time Line completion of Shelving
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Description: Supply and Install 2,400 Shelving units. The completion was in 7 weeks, after the issue of the Purchase Order. Assembly done off site installing inside a 1,000,000 square foot facility, on existing Mezzanines, loaded by Crane.

Certified strives to design and implement innovative, high quality, efficient, and cost effective systems with client needs and future growth in mind. We would be pleased to be considered for your future projects.